1. These items the public interest no matter the age or gender because these have tempered variety, look and shape.
2. Goods could also be due to public demand at any time the customer will purchase the item. This is because these items do not need a season to get things.
3. This online business, then this business is not giving a high burden because this business can be done at home 4. Do not use high cost. For example premis not have to pay rent.
5.Customers do not need out of the house solely to purchase the item. customers only need to make choices and choose what they want on my business blog.
6 Other than that, I as a businessman, I need funds for starting a business as capital. By then to have his case sufficient capital, I can produce more goods and customers can choose correctly.
7. Business requires interaction. Besides in-house, has a wide network and good relationship with either individual or external organization is an advantage. It will help you to various aspects of resources and facilities so that you can perform a more complete business activities.

1. Items for sale should be updated from time to time. So, I need to spend time with this business.
2. Always ready with a orders from each customer and sent to the correct address.
3. The possibility of things seen from the blog with what is seen in reality be a slight variation. This can cause customers are not satisfied with what they bought.
4. A lot of competition.

1. When there is opportunity in global marketing, I have a lot of research about the business of others. It also, I need to make sure of the situation in our economy. For example, depression .
2. Thereafter, social should also have the opportunity as the customer, demographic and culture. When many requests so I can sell my business in accordance with customer requirements .3. For me, technology is needed in this opportunity as my right to do business facilitation. I was only able to market my business is browsing the Internet.

1. Market threats are threats that relate directly to competition in the market that offer similar products. This case, caused me to feel threatened by other people business. So, I tried to market the goods in accordance with the requirements of my customers.
2. In addition, the threat in terms of technology with a variety of unique and facilities used. for example, I use the internet or blogs to market my business. But many sellers use these methods. So, I need to further facilitate the customers with the use of technology.